How template--'budgets' works?

i notice that many templates show up when i open omnioutliner .one called ‘budget’ can sum up the number in specific column;for example, when i enter 3,the amount would change accordingly. i want to know how i can accomplish such function?

On the Column inspector, change the column type to Number and the Summary type to “Total”. Then, for any rows with children, the the cell in that column will be replaced with the total of the children’s values in that column.


Apologies if his should be in a new topic but as it is sort of related, thought I would try here first.

Is there any intention in the future of handling some simple arithmetic calculations across columns ? I don’t expect a spreadsheet but it would be amazingly useful for budgets and planning some basic financials to have a simple calculation column like multiplying e.g.for tax rates. I could then get rid of my excel spreadsheets ;-)

So column1 amount is 100 and column2 is say a percentage like 22.5% and then column3 would multiply the two.

Is this not something of interest to others, or is applescript the only way to do this, assuming it can? I am semi surprised that Omni have not looked at this, it would be a great additional feature.

Thanks for any ideas or pointers.

Ok got this working in a simple manner with Applescript. Still surprised that Omni dont implement calculation field for just the basic add, subtract, multiply, divide. This would be really useful.

I have not yet worked out how to run a script from OO itself, but have to open the Scripts folder. Can anyone help?


Have you emailed, to request those functions? We have an open request for them, and customer email helps us plan future features!

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If you customize the toolbar, you can install an AppleScript for ease of clicking!

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