How to access quick entry with keyboard maestro

I have several keyboard maestro shortcuts set up to add specific tags to a task by calling an applescript. This works great when the task is entered in OF. However, I can’t get the shortcuts to work in the Quick Entry pane, which is where I add many of my tasks. I tried to make them global macros, but they still do nothing when the quick entry window is active. Does anyone know how to do this (either access the Quick Entry task in an applescript or automatically add a tag to a Quick Entry task via keyboard maestro)? I’ve found some examples that create a quick entry task with a pre-populated project and tag field. However, I often want to add several tags to an entry using different keyboard shortcuts. Using this method, I would have to make a macro for every combination.

Thank you in advance for any advice. I am not great with applescript, but I can usually muddle through.

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