How to actually deal with task delay

Hi,I am a new user for Omniplan, and start to learn from Manual which I downloaded. There is one thing still don’t understand well. For example, if one task is delay due to some reasons which is already set up a beginning and ending time, how can I change the task from the reality? I mean can I change the task time or do I need to do something ? It will affect the whole project time or only the task time ?

One more questions, if the actual delay can be done in Omniplan, it will automatically adjust OR I need to change by myself every time?

@Wynn It sounds like you may be looking for the “Reschedule” feature in OmniPlan. Reschedule will update your project schedule such that any uncompleted work will be rescheduled for a future date. More information about this feature is available here:

@ains Thanks for reply, I will try it to see if it is works. :)