How to add call task?

Just wondering if this is possible to add call task, which will run call to the chosen person.
Finally after reminder - just to confirm and dial automatically number.

Can you just put the telephone # in the notes for the task? It should be tappable and dial the phone.

You could also use tel://408-555-1212 or equivalent and that should work from any device that can make calls (your phone, or even a Mac if you have call sharing with iPhone set up).

Thanks for sharing this workaround.
I just tought that this can work like that.

  1. Choose Task type Phone Call
  2. Chose receipient of this call from my phone book
  3. Set time of this task and reminder

Phone will at that time automaticly just suggest action to call at exact number.

For that you could get the App Workflow (or wait for iOS12 where this might be integrated) and create a script.
Apart fom an additional swipe (to invoke the App) you‘d get your desired result.
But, as CatOne already said, you won‘t be able to dial from the reminder notification directly. You‘d have to open the note of the action.