How to add x number of hours to a to-do

Newbie here. How do I quickly add a hour or two or three to a to-do notification. (running latest OmniFocus Pro)

What do you mean when you say “add a hour or two or three” to a notification? Are you wanting to snooze a notification for a specific period of time? Or are you wanting to reschedule the due date/time?

Yes, sorry: it’s really a snooze for a specific period of time later in the day.

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Assuming you can see the defer date, you can highlight the task, use the TAB key to tab into the defer field and type 1h, 2h, or 3h (or whatever) to defer the task for that many hours. There is no single shortcut key that I am aware of. Finishing with COMMAND-K will clear the task off the screen until its defer time is reached.

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thanks for this, chrisrkline. Those “1h” shortcuts are really nice.