How to auto-strikethrough when I check an item complete?

I’ve created a number of checklists in OmniOutliner. Wondering if there is a way to more prominently visually indicate when I’ve checked an item off. E.g., can I automatically toggle the text to grey and strike through the text? I can do this manually via inspector but am wondering if there is a way to automate this… I check the box to mark Complete, and it reformats.

(Another option I’m considering is just moving these checklists into OmniFocus, which does this by default.)

Not sure if it can be done internally to OmniOutliner, but you could create a one-strike macro with something like Keyboard Maestro to check the item and then change its formatting - easiest way is to use the named formats from the sidebar, which just require one Function key.

1: Select Menu item: Edit/Set Status/Checked
2: Command-A to select the full item
3: Function key to toggle named format of your choice