How to backup my data?


I’ve just bought OF2, so far loving it (except I was a bit let down it did not come with the ‘focus’ functionality).

My question is: since I don’t own a Mac, how do I backup/restore the database? I’m looking for a more selective option than backing up the entire device as I would like to do regular backups once in a while.

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If you’re using the Omni Sync Server you can login to your account ( and click the Download button to download a copy of your data. The compressed download file contains an OmniFocus document that can be opened on the Mac. I’m not sure how this data would be restored on iOS if you don’t have a Mac (a good question for support:

Consider creating a recurring action in OmniFocus to remind you to download a copy of your OmniFocus data periodically.

I hope this helps…

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Thanks for the hint. I have managed to map Omni Sync’s WebDAV folder to a network drive on my PC. If I understood instructions for Mac well, the backup needs to be reintroduced there. Feeling much more reassured now ;)

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If you do regular backups of your iPad, your data will be included.

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Maybe you can try iOS data backup tool to help you backup your data on your OF2. It allows us get access to all data on OF2 and export them out for backup.

Also you can try nakivo office 365 backup to protect your data if you are using this business service.