How to best plan, organize and execute a personal development course load?


This year a lot of personal hardship and challenges have been attracted in my life and i feel like i want a better way to manage my thoughts, actions and just inner strength. As so, i’ve set on a personal development journey which can give me a massive transformation. To once and for all comfort inner demons and struggles, to step into a more fulfilling life.

I say all of that, to say this. There are three courses that i want to make head way on, different in areas of focus. Ones really intensive but short term, ones not so intensive but lasts a year and the last is in the middle in terms of effort and energy to get through.

I initially thought i wanted to make headway on one or two however, i really want a massive results in my life. And willing to spend time and work, however, i have no idea how to organize such an ambitious endeavor ontop of other life inputs. How can i best use omnifocus to help automate the process of not only content consumption but also review of content to refresh and refocus?

Where and How do you use OmniFocus right now? Not at all? As a ToDo list tool for daily chores?

I use omnifocus for pretty much everything, learned from asian efficiency. But it alludes me how to plan and execute personal development in omnifocus

So, it seems to me that you know how to use OF to set up and carry out steps in a project.

In this case I would ask, do you have the vision, goals, and objectives defined for your courses (programs)? Have you decided the milestones that you must pass in order to meet the program objectives? Do you know the steps you have to take to pass those milestones?

If so, then translate the steps in to Projects and Groups and Tasks within OF. It seems, you have already had the practice doing this. When I am missing something here, please explain.

Alternatively, perhaps you want to know how to use OF to define objectives, decide milestones, and set the steps for a successful program. Is this a better definition of your question?

Confused , I just wanted to know how to plan and set up self help content in omni

Oh. Then I totally misunderstood your question.

As a short idea …

  • create the self-help documents in TextEdit
  • save them as PDF files in a folder
  • put links to the respective self-help documents in the note fields of the appropriate task

Or you can tell me that I still do not understand your question.

Lol I get referencing and thanks for ur persistence.

Okay let me try and rephrase the context. I am trying to study 3 new courses/programs that are basically centered around self help / personal development.

I want to be able to have a study schedule to help me make progress on all three.

Ah. The question is different again. Why didn’t you just say it this way in the first place. :-)

I think now your question is more generally about how or when you should know to put a start and due date on a project or task leading toward a larger project. This fits with a response you gave in a different thread about knowing when to use a calendar versus when to use OmniFocus.

I refer you to a comparable discussion here about the inverse problem …

Otherwise, I would suggest the same answer that I gave in the above thread and in this thread. Define your goals, objectives, outcomes, and metrics for the course. Set up the times that you think are reasonable to meet the course objectives. Plan to met the objectives by doing projects in parallel or sequentially.

I would do the course development outside of OmniFocus, perhaps as a mind map or an outline.