How to change between colored and monochrome toolbar icons


Tim Stringer’s Intro to Omnifocus video (presumably using a pre-beta version of OF?) has some lovely coloured icons in the toolbar.

Yet the current version only has gray icons.

Gray makes me sad :(.

Please can we have coloured icons? :)

This is decided based on your Appearance preferences in System Preferences->General. (You currently have Graphite selected.)

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And if you don’t want to change your System Preferences, you can change this for just OmniFocus using these URLs:


awesome - thanks a lot @derekr & @kcase, this is great, so much better! OF2 already looked pretty good, now it looks fantastic, and I didn’t even need to enable traffic lights on my windows, thanks!

Wonder if there are any more secret URLs like these?


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Paste it into the Safari menubar and press enter, I presume. Not so sure.

I’m having a problem finding appearances. I’m really into color coding and theming, so this is important to me.

I just downloaded OmniFocus Pro 2.0 private test (v86 r207657).

Perhaps you missed that Appearances is in System Preferences, not in OmniFocus Preferences?

Thank you, I misunderstood what they were doing.

I think this way of determining the icon color palette needs to be looked at again.

First, only the default icon set are grey. The other icons that I can add to the toolbar are colored. All the Omni provided icons should be available in grey.

Second, It would make much more sense for this to be a user configurable option within the UI that applies only to the icons used. I don’t want to change my choice of OSX highlighting and such.

This can be changed in a way that only applies to OmniFocus: How to change between colored and monochrome toolbar icons