How to change text language and hyphenation to Spanish while using OmniGraffle in English?

Dear Omni, I very much enjoy working with OmniGraffle, but I’m finding some trouble: due to regulations at my company, I need to setup the computer in English, but while I’m editing content in Spanish I would like to be able to use Spanish hyphenation. So, is it possible to define the language for a text box? Or, alternatively, is there a way to set the hyphenation language different from the user language?


I believe you can to go set up your keyboard so that Spanish shows up as one of your options in the System Preferences. With the text box selected that you want to edit in OmniGraffle, make sure Format>Text>Allow Hyphenation is turned on, and the Spanish keyboard is selected,

Hopefully this will be enough to allow you to use Spanish with the main computer setup in English. You may also want to tweak your Language and Region settings in System Preferences to make sure as many defaults match your content as possible.

This seemed to hyphenate with Spanish phrases in my test here, but since I am a novice Spanish speaker, I’d love to hear back if that is setting the hyphenation as a native speaker would expect. If you’d like OmniGraffle to be in Spanish while the macOS is set to English, use the preference omnigraffle:///change-preference?AppleLanguages=(es).


Thanks, Lanette, I’ve only seen the notification for this right now. Will test and tell you if that works. And thanks for the shortcut to make OmniGraffle work in Spanish in an English system! Does that work in other Omni applications?

Just tried this, and yes, it works exactly as advertised, thanks!

One question: where does the hyphenation dictionary come from? Because I’ve seen a couple of mistakes, but it mostly works well.


Yes! It does work in other Omni applications.

I believe we use the standard macOS hyphenation system, which you have settings for in System Prefs under Keyboard in the Text area. Pages and some Adobe applications have custom hyphenation dictionaries, but we are able to use what Apple provides.