How to change Toolbar Background color?

I was looking on the large specification file but was a bit overwhelmed about the many preferences there. What I want to achieve is to change the color of the top most bar within OF (where e.g. the sync icon is or new action is located) to a nice light blue.

Does someone know for what keyword I has to look for?


It isn’t possible to change the background of the toolbar currently, as it is controlled by the operating system and what the user has selected on each device under the View menu in Customize Toolbar. The toolbar is impacted only by using light or dark mode. We have had other people request the ability to customize the color of the toolbar, but it isn’t currently possible beyond the fact we comply with light/dark themes. So either the toolbar is in dark or light mode based on your style. That’s the limit of what you can control with styles.

If you’d like to request some specific areas be added in the future, the best way is to send us an email at where our support humans kindly make sure all requests are properly recorded.