How to cloud sync for IOS devices?

As i use icloud for data storeage, but from fews days i was not able to updates data from my cloud with my IOS devices, its relates to sync. anyone tel me how to manually sync the icloud with devices?
As next i want to make my data to be dump into server database. is any sync services is avilable please suggest to me.

You can use iCloud Drive to store Omni documents on OS X Yosemite. But you cannot access those documents from iOS, because there is no official support from Omni Group for iCloud at this time.

You can use OmniPresence to sync at this time:

Also OmniFocus and other Omni apps will sync using the Omni Sync Server, or OmniPresence. Have a detailed read of Omni’s site to see how to sync each product.

But iCloud isn’t an option for now - from iOS at least. The reasons why have been clearly detailed by the Omni staff in some other posts in the forums.

What is your question? iCloud drive is functionality in OS X Yosemite and iOS 8. However, applications must specifically support the updated document picker. OmniOutliner does not yet support it, so if you want to use OmniOutliner on iOS and OS X you can:

  1. Put documents in a folder in iCloud drive that you can open in OmniOutliner for OS X.
  2. Install OmniPresence
  3. Set OmniPresence to sync the specific directory in iCloud drive that you chose in step 1

Note that it’s somewhat redundant because you can use OmniPresence to sync OO for OS X documents as well.