How to combine all new tasks (from any project) with a Single Action List

Very few of my tasks, have a Due date, so they don’t appear the Forecast Perspective.

I’m afraid, and if I enter a task in one of my projects, I might forget about it.

My question is:

How to combine any new task from any project with a certain Single Action List:

(Like a macos alias) If this is possible.

So that the task is visible in the Single Action List, and also in the specific project list.

Or maybe there is another way around it?

/ OmarKN

You can visit the view settings in the forecast perspective and choose to show flagged tasks. All flagged tasks will be shown in the forecast perspective.

Or you can designate a forecast tag in the forecast perspective. Any task with that tag will show up there.

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Personally, I have a tag called Today, which indicates any task that can be completed today. I configured the Forecast Perspective as @wilsonng suggested:

I use Defer Until dates quite liberally, so:

  1. If I can’t do something before a certain date, it will not bother me, but
  2. The day it becomes actionable, it will be in my Forecast perspective until I actually do it.

I have a custom action, attached to a keyboard shortcut, to quickly toggle the Today tag, and
I also created a custom perspective which identifies everything which is available, not tagged with Today, and not due soon (so, basically, everything that does not appear in the Forecast). I use this for things which fall in between what I should do as soon as possible, and the “Someday / Maybe” category.

Hope it helps!

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This was good input, thank you.
Your setup is quite advanced, re. the Perspectives’ settings which you have.
I’m proceeding on this project…

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