How to Copy Multiple Tasks/Actions into another Project

I want to select multiple tasks/actions now in a project and get them into another project. I have tried to select, then copy, then paste … but OmniFocus creates new Projects out of each one of the tasks. I’ve tried selecting an empty task in the target Project, but then the items go in as individual lines of text as a note in that target task.

I’m looking for the middle road: Task in one Project to be Task in another Project.

Been on a search here and on the Internet and haven’t found any workable suggestion. Thanks!

I would edit the tasks - select each that you want to reassign to a different project, then use the inspector to change the project. This would work on OF2 Mac or OF3 iOS.


Yes, pasting can be a bit of a tricky business at times, but I think you’ve got close to a solution. If you select an empty action but without entering edit mode (the action is just selected), then paste, the actions should appear as you wish.

In the case that the actions you’ve pasted appear as projects you may be able to indent them so that they’re part of the project. You can indent using ⌘] or just by pressing ‘r’ (for right).

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@nostodnayr: Worked well. Thanks!
@heyscottj: Not really what I want. What you suggest only “moves” out of one into another (which is something I do all the time).

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Ah sorry, I read your comment as getting tasks form one project to another as re-homing, and not duplicating. Apologies!

Is there an answer to this? As in, either duplicating an entire project, or copying and pasting a group of actions from one project into another (this would allow you to achieve the same result, albeit with more steps)?

[This is for OF 3.1.3 for Mac] I often post tasks into multiple projects because of the not-quite-GTD way that I use the app. First, I create an Empty Task in the destination Project Folder. Then I move back and copy the Task I want to duplicate. When I return to the Empty Task and select the “task name field” in the destination Project, I “paste” the copied task into it. It seems to populate correctly … BUT … what happens is that it creates your duplicated Task as a new entry below the Empty Task. So you can continue to cherry-pick copy-and-paste into that same Empty Task until done, then just delete it. Hope this helps …