How to create 45 degree angles

Hello, new to OmniGraffle and have a question: I created a rectangle and want to create 45 degree angles on each end, how would I do this? I am using the app to draft/sketch a propane gas table for my deck and want to frame the corners vs right angles.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Hey there, welcome to OmniGraffle! One of the built-in stencils might be a good fit for what you’re describing here. Would you be looking for something like this?


In the Stencil library within the Software folder you’ll find a “Garret IA” stencil, which offers two resizable rectangles that contain 45-degree beveled edges. Drag this “flow reference” object depicted above (or the “flow area” one) from the Stencil sidebar onto your canvas, and then you can adjust and repurpose the stencil however you like.

I hope this helps!

Sort of… What I want to do is create objects so I can make corners like in the following picture:

When I try to resize a trapezoid, the angles do not stay proportional and the Bevelled Rectangle has all corners with 45 and not just two.

Apparently, this isn’t possible. I will have to resort to Visio once again…