How to create a Due perspective

It looks like there’s no Due perspective in OmniFocus 2 (was there one in OmniFocus 1, or did I create it myself?)

Anyway, I’m trying to replicate that perspective by creating a new perspective and clicking on View and then:

  • Filter by status: Due soon
  • Group projects by: Due

The problem I get is that Inbox items do not show up in this perspective (they did show up fine in OmniFocus 1). I know that I shouldn’t keep items in the Inbox… but I do, and for me it’s important to be able to see due items there easily.

The other problem I have with this perspective is that it shows millions of tasks with no Due Date at all. Many of my tasks do not have Due Date and I don’t want to see them in this perspective (they don’t show up in OmniFocus 1).

Any ideas?



I agree. I miss being able to use shortcuts to bring up only what’s due today. I realize that I could click on the Forecast icon and then the date on the calendar. In OF1 I set up a Perspective to show only what’s due on a given day. I don’t see that capability here so far.

I had to re-create mine. Here’s how I did it.

  1. Create new Perspective Perspectives->Add Perspective…
  2. Name It “Due”
  3. Project Hierarchy: Group actions Independently
  4. Presentation:
  • Group actions by “Ungrouped”
  • Sort actions by: “Project”
  1. Filtering
  • Filter by status: “Due soon”
  • Filter by availability: “Remaining”
  • Filter by duration: “Any Duration”
  • Sidebar filter: “Remaining”

That worked great.

No, it did not display what is due today, but what is due soon which includes tomorrow and yesterday.

I don’t see the option to sort at all. I do see “Sort once” as a sub menu of “Organize” however all of the options are grayed out.

How do you sort?

I like OF 2 for Mac a lot and I’m already using it on daily basis, but I think the Perspective management needs some work.

While my “Due” perspective made it into OF 2 pretty well, the sort orders of my other individual perspectives became on an only mess in OF 2.

You’ve got to fine-tune the filter settings for each perspective in the toolbar’s “View”-popup menue (yes, the one with the “eye” icon). I wish I could manage and edit all perspectives in just one place.

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Thank you for posting this.

I guess I ran into a glitch because I did your setup on my own, and it didn’t work, so I browsed these forums wondering if someone made a Due/Flagged Perspective. After comparing yours to mine, they were the same, and I was baffled! I had to change a sort order, go back to what I selected the first time, and then it worked.

My point is if anyone tries this and it doesn’t work, try it again by modifying a setting and reverting to what you first selected.

Hi Guys,

I’m trying to create a due perspective but I also want to see everything with dates i.e. something that has a start date previous today and a due date later.

I used the information above and can only see what is due today.

Any tips on how to do this?

‘Show Perspectives’ in the Perspectives menu shows the perspectives editor.
Did you not find this window?
Or does it not do what you had in mind?

Well, I can’t edit the standard (default) perspectives there. The details part of the window is empty (no options, nothing).

When I try to “Revert perspective to default settings” I get an alert: “-[BuiltinPerspective setIcon:]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x7ff9d57dae20”.

I think that is my fault. I had a lot of duplicate perspectives recently and I guess I removed the right ones and kept the dead ;-)

Do I really have to re-build the default perspectives manually to make them editable again? An option like “Restore all default perspectives” would be a great help.

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No, you didn’t delete the wrong ones. They’re uneditable in that window because the app is still a work in progress. Sorry!

For what it’s worth, as far as I can tell the “Remaining” filter returns the same result set as “Available”. I filed a bug ticket with the helper elves.

That worked for me. What I didn´t get in the first place: you need to create a new perspective to achieve that kind of view. OF2 won´t offer me the required filtering options for my OF1 perspective

User Created Perspectives are only in the Pro version Trial.

In the Mac version 2.4 and iOS version 2.1, there is now a “Today” option for “Due Soon”, and you can create a perspective that filters for that.

More details from the release notes:

Due Soon includes a new option—“Today”—which includes only items due before midnight. Due Soon options expressed in “days” also use midnight as a boundary instead of multiples of 24 hours. So, “Due Soon is in the next 2 days” includes items due before midnight tomorrow. The “24 Hours” option remains unchanged, but since the overwhelming majority of customers we heard from were looking for it to function as “Today”, we have made the latter the default and you’ll need to re-select “24 Hours” if you prefer to not use midnight as a boundary.