How to create a new line bringing over the stuff right of the cursor

Hi there,

re-arranging stuff in an Outline is a core Chore of an Outliner, alright.

Especially helpful and thus needed is the possibility to create a new line bringing over to this very new line everything that follow after the cursor.

However, I am not able to achieve that in OmniOutliner. And to be honest: I do not even know where – in the App as well as here in the Forum – what to look up in order to get answers to questions like this one.

Can anyone help?


Mac or IOS?

On the Mac, Ctrl-Enter does that. IOS I don’t know I’m afraid.

Chapter 9 in the Mac help guide lists all the keyboard shortcuts

Thanks @Nick for your reply. Are you certain you are referring to creating a genuine new line instead of only a linebreak? Ctrl + Enter just creates a linebreak – which I neither meant nor need ;-)

I’ve found that option-Return adds a line break, where ctrl-Return splits the line where the cursor is (adding a new line). Is that not true for you?

I must be misunderstanding - it puts the text to the right into a new item at the same level as the original. Is that not what you wanted?

That’s exactly what I wanted and now it works perfectly well, @Nick, on the Mac.