How to create a perspective showing ALL flagged items

There was an AE blog post showing how to do this in pre-OF2 Omnifocus, but it’s not working for me in OF2.7/OSX:

I need a perspective showing ALL flagged items - including those in the inbox, all projects, folders, contexts, no context etc.

I can create a perspective to show flagged tasks i select a project, or a folder containing projects; but all i get in the perspective, is THOSE flagged items. I need to see them all.

Just came back to OF after a few years away using an inferior OSX GTD app… WOW it has really evolved into a marvelous tool!


Hi there @sbell22! Welcome back to OmniFocus.

If I remember right, the way to get a perspective with all Flagged items is to set it up with Filter by status: Flagged, then leave both the Focus and Sidebar Selection empty. This should pull all the items in your database into the perspective, then only display the ones that are flagged. Take a look at the OmniFocus manual, under Using the Perspectives Editor, for more.

If that doesn’t work for you, maybe you could post a screenshot of your perspective configuration? And of course, if you ever want one-on-one help with perspectives, you can always email our support team.

Hey THANKS tekl, that works like crazy! I just added display of Columns and now I have exactly what I need.

Yeah I don’t know what in the world I was thinking, i decided I liked another GTD application (I will be kind to them, they have been nice, and not mention them here). It also ran on OSX-iOS and was sync’d, i was getting by. But when i realized i needed VOICE task entry, they haven’t implemented it and gave me some guff about it being too difficult, and lower priority. After looking around i saw how much OF has evolved and realized, i should have never given it up.

To boot, i had voice entry of tasks up and running in minutes by linking the “Reminder” functionality in Siri. I am even capturing by talking to my iWatch using “Hey Siri - Remind me…” which is amazing - i have always wanted ubiquitious hands-free capture to the inbox.

Some perspective, i discovered GTD in 2002 when David’s book was mentioned in the WSJ. Within 24 hours I had “inhaled” the book, and within 2 weeks i had attended his GTD class in SF. I published one of the first GTD apps as freeware, it was written in Visual Basic and ran in Excel. I received emails from all over the world for years from people using it, at one point a guy emailed me to share he was running an NFL football team with it:)

As far as GTD apps go, those were the stone ages. Omnifocus today is truly a marvel. I’m using the Lynda courses, YouTube videos, and AE’s “OF Premium Posts” (no affiliation with any) to thoroughly re-familiarize with it.

Thanks again for solving the perspectives issue.

one thing: the sort order seems to be fixed. Is there a way to configure the perspective so i can re-order the list?
Looks like it requires it be sorted on something. Guess i can use “due” then sort them on time/date…

Yep, perspectives have an inherent sort order. You can configure it for your perspective, but at the moment, OmniFocus doesn’t support arbitrary reordering in perspectives – sorry! If you want to drop support a line about your needs for perspective sorting, we can take them into account in future development.

That’s OK. No i’ll work within the apps capabilities… i can make it work. Usually I have found there is a sound reason things don’t work the way you might want them too, initially.

Currently i’m trying to figure out how to add the custom perspective to the sidebar, so it will always show up there below the standard perspectives. I don’t see any option for that when i choose “Perspectives > Show Perspectives” and select it, looking through the options; or in general preferences.

Just something simple i’m overlooking, most likely:) My OF newbie questions should taper off as i work through these tutorials:)

Perspectives --> Show Perspectives, then ‘star’ the custom perspective that you want to appear in the sidebar. You can also drag the perspective up into the position you want.

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Aha! Well, that was easy. Thanks PeterW…

fyi I’m not seeing that I can drag the perspective into the position i want. I tried it in the “Show perspectives” dialog box, and in the view itself. Am i perhaps missing something? (v2.7 OSX)

You drag it in the Show Perspectives window. Are you using the ‘Pro’ upgrade version of OF?

ok, I was trying to drag it in the main window. I can drag it no problem, in the “Show Perspectives” window. Thanks!

Yep I’m using Pro - my “About OmniFocus” dialog box says “OmniFocus Pro Upgrade is purchased & installed”. Amazingly, after 5 years away Omni let me upgrade my old OF to OF 2 Pro for 50% the full price.