How to create duration based perspectives?

I would like to have a perspective for short, medium and long taking tasks.

All I can find in OF3 is however a filter for “estimated duration less than:”. Which gives me all the tasks from lets say 15 - 60 mins. What I would like, however, is all tasks with 60+ mins. So the opposite.

I don’t quite get the logic of “less than”.

Anybody accomplished this?

I just create tags for short or quick, medium, long etc and then a custom perspective to show those. It’s less screen taps to when filling actions away.

Hi @omnirufus! I think you can get the behavior you’re after by setting up a perspective with the “estimated duration less than 60 minutes” rule inside a “None of the following” group:


This filters out any task that’s “short” or “medium” in your system, leaving only the “long” ones. Hope that helps!

I have the same question and your suggestion works BUT I can not select only “available” tasks at the same time.
Do you have a suggestion for that?
I can use “None of the following” and there have the rules “duration less than 60 minutes” and “completed”. Then I see all remaining actions with duration more than 60 minutes. But i also see the unavailable actions then and that is not what I want.

Keep in mind that you can nest these kinds of rules inside each other! To filter down to only available items, I might use something like this:

Actually I tried to create such a perspecive (exactly as in your picture) on my phone (the mac was at another location) - and it didnt work!
It looked almost like the nesting did not work. As if the “all” and “non” were on the same level… Very strange.

Tonight I tried in the mac version - and it worked as I expected it to :)
Now it’s also working on my phone…

So - problem solved.