How to create link w/ anchor text in task note without using "Add Link" or "Edit Link?"

Hi there. Short-time user. First-time poster. Be gentle. :)

I’m using TextExpander to create follow-up tasks. Generally, they’re checking to see if emails are replied to. As such, I’d like to create links to search email for the relevant terms at the same time (so the variables are automatically put in to the search URLs), and cut/paste these into the Note.

However, I can’t figure out what (or if there) is syntax to add the link with anchor text, rather than just messy URLs.


anchor-text <>

and markdown format.

Neither does a thing.


Hi MattF,

From what I understand, the notes area uses Rich Text Formatting (RTF). If you copy/paste to it, you should get the link data. It doesn’t understand syntax or read HTML or anything of that nature. It might help to think of it like you would think of TextEdit in an RTF file more than a web browser.

That said, there might be some cool TextExpander tricks I’m not aware of. Hopefully those who use TextExpander more than I do will have some clever suggestions.

Hope this helps.