How to create links to local files?

I am using OmniFocus for task management and org-mode for note-taking. I am trying to add a link to my org-mode notes file in the notes section.

I see that we can do something like:

Edit/Attach File...

But this seems really cumbersome, as it requires lots of mousing around. Is there a way to do this using markdown or something equivalent?

I have tried adding links like"




But I get an error like:


Any Ideas? thanks!

Try constructing your links like this:


dang! that looks like it’s getting close… but it ends up trying to open this file:

File /Users/sergio/Dropbox/org-roam/org-protocol:/Users:/sergio/Downloads/ is read-only on disk.  Make buffer read-only, too? (y or n) 

which is getting closer… but still not quite there…


I recommend checking out Hookmark.

Among other things, you can use this Mac app to link files and folders to OmniFocus tasks. Hookmark does a good job of keeping the link functional, even if the file/folder is moved or renamed.

Hookmark is available directly from the developer and is included with Setapp.

p.s. There’s a page dedicated to using Hookmark with OmniFocus on my Learn OmniFocus site:

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I suggest that the link should simply be the application name followed by the file that should be opened.


I am not familiar with “org” as an application to verify this approach will work with it. The approach does work for me with the application Curio.


This may be of some help.

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