How to create negative space in shapes? [A: using Subtract Shapes]

I would like to create shapes in OmniGraffle for iOS with negative space. The letter ‘O’ or the number ‘8’ for example. I have been breaking such shapes into smaller pieces and then grouping them for now, but I noticed the “circle with a strike through” or “forbidden symbol” in the shapes bin. (Last shape in the list). It has negative space. I have attempted to deconstruct or recreate this shape but to no avail.

Anybody have insight as to how this was made?

Instead of grouping, use a combination of Unite Shapes and Subtract Shapes to build a complex shape with negative space.

For this particular one, inset a smaller circle in the center of a larger one and then subtract to make the outer ring. Then lay a crossbar over the circle and unite the shapes to make the slash.

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Thank you very much. That was exactly what I was looking for.