How to create single action list?


I have recently returned to Omnifocus for iPhone, and am kind of overwhelmed with something.

From, the idea of creating folders (such Work, Personal, etc.) under Projects, and then single action lists inside the folders for specific projects makes sense.


How exactly do I create single action lists? I feel overwhelmed and lost … help?

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A Single Actions List is a specific type of project that’s most commonly used as a catch-all for tasks that are only loosely related. This type of project generally can never be considered complete — some examples are Errands or Shopping lists.

To create a Single Actions List, you would start by creating the new project in your folder. You’d then use the inspector to edit the attributes of your project, and change the project type from the default (Parallel) to Single Actions List. I hope this helps!


@aaron - it sure does - thank you! I would guess that various “schools of thought” have developed around what is considered the most effective workflows in OmniFocus. Getting back into this environment is exciting, but just a little overwhelming too :-)

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I seperate my single action list by work (tasks) and personal (errands). Makes it easy to quickly file it when I start typing.

I also use tags for any reoccurring single action items such as reset data use, take out trash, etc.

Can it be as simple as that, work (tasks) and personal (errands)? I think my trying to complicate things inside OmniFocus pushed me away last time, believing that using it required a great deal of complexity.

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