How to create the a canvas in Din A1 with 150 ppi


I am not a graphic designer and quit new to Omni Graffle. I like to create a chart in the size “Din A1 and the same chart later in Din A0 as well”.

I would like to create this chart in 150 ppi - maybe even 300 ppi - (but not 72ppi!!!) and have absolutely no idea, how to do this.

I found out that at 150 ppi the image (Din A1) needs to be 3508 x 4967 pixels and at 300 ppi the image (Din A1) needs to be 7016 x 9933 pixels . I understood that 150 ppi is the minimum resolution for newspapers or posters viewed from a fairly short distance. But how to realize this in Omnigraffle?

The printer size I have on my printer is DinA4 - but the settings always switch back to US letter? Why is this? How to change this permanently? (Later I like to print the finished chart on DinA1 and DinA0 via a printer house)

I have no idea, how to set everything.

As I am a beginner, it would be additionally helpful for me to make visible, which border I have to keep free for the print. I there an option or a smart way to make this visible?

Right now, it looks like in the attached screenshot and I do not understand, why there is a border to the right and below, but not above and left? Most probably this is not a border to leave space for printing, but it is rather showing that more pages will be printed then expected? I created the canvas with the DinA1 measurements and do not know why it appears like this? I spent hours already to make this work - and my first enthusiasm to learn something new and go for it, already changed into frustration ;-). I really hope, someone can help me out here.

I looked for templates in the Din A paper formats, because that would make it very easy for me to start with the actual creative work. But I cannot find anything. If anybody has a template, I would be very happy as well. Because it is completely demotivating to fail with the very first step already.

I am also not a native English speaker, and all the terms in English are an additional challenge for me.

I appreciate your help.


Scaling is set in the inspector. So in the Canvas Inspector, the units can be set (pixels, points, picas, english or metric units), then you set the units per inch. Probably would use the “Custom” setting for this so you have better control.

The units setting also influences your page measurements so you can type in the size of your page.

Seems like some of this is an output issue, not drawing. So when you Export your drawing, you can choose the format and the desired output resolution.

Hope this is making sense.

Thank you ;-) 🙏 ☺️ 😊