How to define Group (not grouped) resources?

In my project I have resources that are not single individuals, but sub-contracted service providers (companies). In this case the sub-contractor will be able to perform multiple concurrent full time tasks, which an individual obviously would not be able to do.

Having allocated planned activities to my resources, Omniplan will try to level sub-contactor resources in a way that in fact is unnecessary as it thinks that the sub-contractor is an individual.

Is there a way to tell Omniplan that a particular resource has “group” rather than “individual” ability? I want to avoid having to define a group & the individauls therein, and want to work the other way round - i.e. be able to extract from the plan how many indiviuals the group will need in order to be able to perform the tasks within the timeframe.

Many thanks
Omniplan 2, Mac OS

Hi @the3rdParty,

You could do this by changing the percentage of “Units” your sub-contractor resource (set up as if they were just a normal individual resource) has to work with. For a typical individual resource, their “Units” would be 100%, so for your sub-contractor resource you could set the “Units” to say 500%. This would allow your sub-contractor resource to tackle 5 tasks at the same time that would otherwise take 5 separate individual resources to be accomplished concurrently.

I hope this helps!

Yes! that does it, but I have found out that you need to define the percentage of “units” of the Subcontratctor BEFORE allocating any tasks, else tasks just get shortened.

Many thanks