How to delete a stubborn OO column?

I have created a multi-column OO doc, and one of the columns cannot be deleted - it is greyed out in the contextual menu dropdown column list under “columns”, same with the delete column command.

Is this something to do with this column being the first one created? In any case, I’d like to know how to avoid this in future.

If this column is the one that shows the outline structure and row handles, then that can not be deleted as there’s no function to switch which column that is. This is the column that already exists when creating a blank document.

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Thanks Derek - I suspected it might be something like that.

I managed to remove the blank column from lots of my .ooutlines, but I have forgotten how I did it. The outlines certainly don’t have the space wasting blank column. I would characterize the inability to delete the column as a bug.

The data structure is a decorated tree (a tree in which each node has key-value pairs attached to it).

It works well to present these key-value pairs as ‘columns’, but one of these columns is, inevitably, ‘not like the others’ – it is the interface to the outline itself - the underlying tree, and if it were deletable, then all the other ‘columns’ would swiftly and suddenly vanish away, and never be met with again : -)