How to disable text wrap while copy-pasting


I’m trying to copy-paste several items of an outline to an email (not even with hierarchies). But the text wraps, and I don’t want nor need this. I’m using OPML files. I’ve tried many work-arounds, and the only way I found is to click on “services/search with google”, and then I can extract the text not wrapped.

I’m desperately looking for a more elegant and user friendly solution.
Thank you if you can help.

I’d contact support. This hasn’t happened to me before and, after running some quick tests now (OS X 10.10.2.) I can produce either styled or plain text copies that respect the hierarchies of outlines.

For some reason text pasted from Omnioutliner apparently wraps if Apple Mail (or other applications) is set to use unformatted text. If you set a mail to use formatted text and paste the text, your text will probably not (hard) wrap. If you then change the mail with the pasted text to unformatted, the text will stay unwrapped! Don’t ask me why…

Many thanks Jan, your workaround works!!