How to do a shortcut for an Apple Script which is added to OF2's toolbar? (Could be with K. Maestro)

I was thinking of another Apple Script or Keyboard Maestro (or both) solution.

Is it possible?

I am confused by what you want. Can you give a specific case and/or answer the questions …

  • Where is this “shortcut” to reside?
  • What is it supposed to cause to happen when you invoke it?


Ohhh I see, my mistake. I was half asleep.

I have some scripts in my OF2 toolbar. I would want to “short-cut-key” them.

Use Keyboard Maestro to load the scripts from the Scripts folder where OF keeps them.

Won’t that just open the script in the script editor?

There’s an “Execute AppleScript” action in Keyboard Maestro. You use that action, and point it at the script in the folder where OF keeps its scripts. Then you assign a keyboard trigger and you’re in business.

I use this to trigger the AppleScript version of ClipOTron. Works fine.

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