How to edit cell when it is an URL/hyperlink on iOS?

Hi all
I pasted a shortcut URL into a cell in an outliner document and now I can’t select the text to edit without activating the hyperlink!

How do I just select it as text to edit. Very dumb question I know but I can’t figure it out!

I think the answer is to be sure to tap in white space after the link rather than on the link itself. But there may be a better answer.

Unfortunately, Omni has decided to just let this forum wither away. Questions go unanswered for days, weeks, months, even years. See @kcase posts in this thread: It's a pity Omni doesn't monitor its forums more closely!

So it seems your best bet is to email or telephone support the old fashioned way.

Did you ever solve this? Same issue here.

I’ve been discussing URLs in the Notes field in the Slack channel. That is where much of the discussion is (but it is also here).

I don’t think @kcase et al are neglecting this forum.

And, I think the gist of the answer to this question is long pressing on the URL. (I had a mismatch between what was displayed and what it did that was resolved that way.)

It’s all relative, I suppose. Compared with other Mac apps I use, activity about OO (not talking about other Omni apps) is rare, both in terms of development and in terms of discussion here. Not much on Slack either. Other than maintenance releases to keep OO running on new versions of macOS, it seems OO is pretty much frozen in time, except for roll-your-own plug-ins that aren’t that easy for a non-programmer to implement.

That seems accurate.