How to edit review settings?

In new version review perspective came to the iPhone. My question is how to check if certain project is going to be reviewed e.g. weekly?
I use iPad as well and I cannot see ability to do that too.
In Mac app (as I’ve found on the Internet) there is something like “Review” label in Project’s properties which allow to see clearly when next review is going to occur and also allow to change how often that project will be reviewed.

On the new iPhone app: In the Review perspective, tap the project you want to look at.

At the top is a bar that says eg “Review every 1 week”. Tap that bar to adjust the review frequency and next review date manually.

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The problem is that after leaving the Review perspective it gets cleaned and all projects visible in it before (greyed out if marked as reviewed) disappear.
Schedule for review works and after a week appropriate projects appear in Review perspective but there is no way to access information about when next review is going to happen.

In OF for Mac: The review information for individual projects is displayed in the Info panel for that project, even in the Projects perspective. With OF2 Pro for Mac, you can create a perspective that groups and/or sorts projects by their next review date (but not by review repeat pattern).

I suspect that something similar is available in the iOS Pro version, but haven’t got a way currently to check that out.

Here is a video I made about that problem:

thank evry body i need also

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