How to exclude a Tag from Perspective?

In a custom perspective, I would like to exclude a certain Tag

For example, let’s say I want a Perspective showing anything with a due date.

In the View pop out menu…

All of the following:
Availability: Remaining
Has a due date
None of the following:
Tagged with any of: Tagname

This doesn’t work, it actually returns no results due to conflicting criteria.

Here’s an example of a custom perspective showing all remaining due items except those tagged with 🏠 Home.

It works as expected for me. Perhaps double-check to ensure “Tagged with any of Tagname” is grouped under “None of the following.”

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@timstringer thanks for the quick reply

I cannot figure out how to indent the entry after “None of the following”

I think that is my issue to solve

This is what I see when I edit the Custom Perspective, you can see “Tagged with any of: Tagname” is not indented

WAIT, I got it

I dragged the “Tagged with any…” on top of the “None of the following:” and it indented

This is not easily discoverable, I think

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