How to export and maintain dimensions?

Every time I export from Omnigraffle 6.1.3 on my Macbook pro Retina, I get images images (PNGs) that have much larger dimensions (compared to the canvas sizes in the inspector). I guess it has something to do with the Retina display, but where can I change this setting?


I find the same issue with SVGs… which are supposedly vectors…

Suppose I have an OmniGraffle document that is 422 px by 512 px. On export to SVG I might expect the SVG to also be 422 px wide, but no, it comes out at >500 px (Whatever the export settings (area, object, canvas).

Am I alone in this, or is this a feature / bug? If so, does anyone have a workaround that does not involve opening the sag in a text editor (life is short…)

Phew, I made it this far … I am also with this problem, it’s been one year and we are in version 6.4.1 (v167.4 r248283) and it seems to me that the problem has not been solved.
Working with export to WEB images (png, jpg, gif)
You managed to solve this problem or is not yet solved?