How to export omnioutliner files

Hi, unfortunately, I don’t own a Mac computer, but I adore omnigroup apps and I won all of them. Reusability is an issue though sometimes. This time it is
omnioutliner- not that my apps is getting more and more populated I’m wondering how I’m going to use that in the future should I be iPadless. Is there a way to export of all of my files, not on film by file bases? Preserving the folder structure would be perfect too, of course.
Thank you in advance

First thing that comes to mind is using someone’s Mac as an intermediary. If you use OmniSync Server for OmniOutliner, then upon installing OSS on someone’s Mac your entire file structure and all files will be synced. Then, download a trial version of OO for Mac and export the files to your heart’s desire.

If you have access to the Mac mentioned above, then I might do an export of all OO files once every two months or so, in case you move away from the iPad.

Seems like a lot of work, for such a small task. Of course, I could have borrowed a Mac computer or installed Mac on my PC, but that would be moving away from the simplicity concept behind omni products, something that I enjoy most.
Apple devices today don’t seem to offer the same reliability they did once in the past. Last weekend my iPad air froze at the white apple logo for no reason, I tried everything before attempting recovery as my last step, losing everything that didn’t use automatic backups. Now somebody would tell me about backups that iTunes creates once you sync, well I don’t sync regularly to my PC, iTunes is still much of an alien in the windows environment. I lost many of my omnioutliner files too.
Why would omni create nearly a full featured app, pricey too, for Apple devices and not give an easy way to export things?
Thank you for helping

A lot of work is required to do what you are asking. I know of no iPad app that “batch exports” files in a special format (not just “sending” a bunch of jpegs from the Photos app) to Dropbox in a predefined folder structure.

You can always just use the export features built right into the app. The downside, as you hint in the OP, is that you will have to do this one file at a time.

Have you looked into WebDAV features of OmniSync?

Thank you again for your reply, I appreciate that much.

  1. Exporting one file at a time I believe is unacceptable. If I use omnioutliner heavily my collection of files will quickly grow to an overwhelming number
  2. I’m stupid about WebDAV and I don’t know how it works. I looked at the page you recommend, followed the instructions on that page, i.e. Followed the link https://sync., logged in, but saw no files. Well, I did that through Internet explorer, perhaps I had to use some special program.

I hope you understand my concern, for me now investing time and effort into moving a lot of info into omnioutliner that I love, means using and reusing lots of files on the computer later too. But, too me it now seems that the only way I’ll be able to do that is exporting one file at a time, nobody would want to go through that.
Unlike, OmniFocus that doesn’t need to export info that will be used in other apps, omnioutliner is a productivity tool, that I don’t know how to use. Take for example, Outline + for iPads, it exports to PDFs and syncs with Ms one note, I can go back to my pc, open that file and use chunks of info in other documents: minutes of the meeting, contracts, etc. Without a Mac computer, omnioutliner is just a fancy toy on my iPad. I’m getting frustrated.