How to fill a custom shape


This might be a silly question, but I can’t find the answer online. I have created a simple custom shape, made of a basic shape and some lines. When I add a fill to the shape, the fill applies only to the starting basic shape and not the whole custom shape. How can I fill the whole custom shape?



Can you post the file here? Lines - unless turned into a shape - can’t be filled. Did you use the node editor to change the basic shape?

I would gladly upload my Omnigraffle file, but I’m getting told that new users cannot upload files…

To answer your second question, no I haven’t used the node editor to change the basic shape. I have simply connected lines to it and used the Unite Shapes feature to make it a custom shape. Is that the proper to create custom shapes?


How were you able to unite lines with a shape? I cannot find a way to do that. I can unite two shapes but not a line and a shape, or line and pen tool, or line and text.

If I Unite a basic shape (using “Shape Tool”) and a Pen Tool shape, it responds appropriately to a fill request.

You might have better luck just using the Pen Tool and drawing what you want, then filling.

Really hoping I am making sense ;-)

It does! I’ll continue digging. Thanks