How to "Find Text" "not containing text" and using conditionals

Due to OF’s lack of multiple contexts, using the “Find Text” field for a keyword added to the notes can make up for that somewhat. e.g. I can add keywords like #phone and have a perspective show all tasks with “Find Text” as #phone.

But does anyone know how to do AND and OR conditionals in this?

And can we do a Find Text that “does not contain”? So I can identify tasks missing the keywords added so I can add them.

I fear it is not possible because OF is not powerful with respect to things like this.


Note: I cannot get regular expressions to work in the Search or Find Text fields:

So searching for #tag1|#tag2 is not working, I tried all these:


I recently tried this for the same reason and it seems they no longer work. I did have some success with regular expression matches in OF1 but haven’t tried them in OF2 until recently - looks like the facility is gone or broken.