How to focus in on 1 task?

Hi guys,

Quick question - I want to be able to click a task or do something to a task and have a custom perspective only show that 1 task that I pick from my ‘Today’ perspective of flagged and/or due date tasks. The reason so I can at that point in time only have my brain zero in on ONE task at a time.

How do I best go about this?

Kind Regards

I would look at my today perspective, pick one task, and just write it on a a Post-It note. Then slap it on my desk or computer monitor. I hide OmniFocus from my desktop and never look at it again until I finish the task I wrote down. No real need to complicate things. I don’t like to look at OmniFocus unless I have completed my current task and ready to work on the next task or when I am project planning/capturing.

That Post-It note shows just the one task. It’s not complicated and OmniFocus is hidden from view. If I have OmniFocus visible on my desktop, I’m so tempted to look at all the other easier tasks, brain-dead work, or anything just to procrastinate.

But if you really wanted it, you can create a custom perspective and have it search for a keyword. In this example, I have a custom perspective and it searches for the hashtag #focus

In the Filtering section, you can enter #focus into the field labeled “Find text”

When I visit the Today perspective, I select one task and type #focus into the Notes section. Then I can visit the Focus perspective and just see this task.

If you really wanted to narrow it down, I duplicated my Today perspective (due and flagged) and just changed the Find text filter to #focus