How to format font size within a column despite the precedence of row formatting


Hi there,

I do need to format figures in a date-column equally across differently indented and formatted rows. A key concept and feature, I suppose, so I guess I just have so far overlooked it and herewith kindly ask you to show me the way.

See the attached file: All the figures in the black rectangular shape are supposed to be equally formatted with a fixed font size set up, say, by means of a newly created “new style”.




Just found this here – telling us that:

“The important thing to know though, is that row styles take precedence over column styles.”

I’d love to see this being tweakable by the user. Is there a way?


In other words: It is not possible at all?


Not currently possible, but we do have a feature request open. Adding a link to this thread so the rest of the team knows you want it. Thanks!


Putting aside any styles method, you should be able to format the text directly using applescript (assuming the pro version of OO). NB The main ‘topic’ column is column 2. Column 1 is a special column. So your ‘start date’ would be column 3 (or cell 3 in this instance).

Basically, this sets the present text in the third cell to Candara 12 pt. If the cell is empty then it is ignored. Text added subsequently will have the default font/size.

tell application "OmniOutliner"
tell document 1
	set rowTop to a reference to rows
	set colCell to a reference to cell 3 of rowTop
	set font of text of colCell to "Candara"
	set size of text of colCell to 12
end tell
end tell

If you have long documents with a specific section that requires this, you can ‘tell’ only that section (e.g. ‘tell row named “Start here” of document 1’ instead of ‘tell document 1’). Hope this helps.


thanks @Brian and @Mockman