How to Get Menu w/ Text Formatting? (Bullets, lists, etc.)

I’ve seen this functionality appear at the top of the canvas before that allows me to format text as a list, etc. but I cannot figure out how to make it appear. I have rules turned on, still no dice. Can someone explain? Much thanks!

Make sure you’re actively editing the text; those controls don’t appear when you merely have a text object selected.

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Hi Kyle, thanks for the reply. I’ve tried that (see screen). Also tried selecting the entire text box, but still nothing.
Is there any preference to set or something I need to turn on that I’m missing? (I’m using the latest version.)

Ah, it looks like you’re running Yosemite. This might only be an issue on OSes that haven’t been released yet. ;-) Can you please contact with your results so that we may add your report to our development database?

Eagle EYE, you are. Thanks, I’ll contact them.