How to get OW to match Safari display for various sites?


I had to start a new OW profile a few months back and sites that rendered correctly (i.e. similar to Safari) prior to the new profile are not doing so now.

I don’t recall doing anything special with the old profile to have sites render correctly, but there may have been setting already there that I just didn’t realize were doing the job.

For example, renders like this without any adjustments:

(more in the reply as I can only post a single image at a time)


If I type Command-Shift-I, I see something like this:


Much better than the first load, but I have to repeat the key sequence for each tab from the site each time I reload OW. I don’t know why it can’t just load looking like Safari:

Any suggestions as to how I should accomplish this?
I’ve experimented with site-specific prefs, but that doesn’t always work.

Note that site like the Apple Store and such also have issues.

Thanks for any help you can offer.