How to handle agendas for adhoc project meetings?

Hi all, feeling like I am trying to smack a square peg into a round hole with agendas & things to mention in meetings.

For regular calls I have tags and I go to the Tag to see all things I’ve tagged. However, for adhoc and project specific meetings, I’ve been creating a new task, making it parallel and adding all I want to mention as children.

This is backwards to what I need, because this approach means all the child-tasks appear in my Perspectives and lists without the context of main parent task.

What I think I want is just the meeting task visible and when in the call I could expand it to see the things to mention, or to add more to it before the call.

All thoughts and suggestions appreciated.

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While not a big meeting person, I have a tag for all my clients @agendas > @clients > @client x

So anything I want to discuss with that client is tagged with their name. Then come the call/meeting I can easily see what I needed to be aware of

Not sure if that would work for you, I guess you could also create a temporary tag for each meeting and add tasks to it.

Tags do not have to be long lasting they can can easily be created and then moved to a @archive tag as a child for a while or just deleted.


Thank you!

Tags is the answer/provide what I need. Great idea to have a parent Tag for all temp tags! That’s ace, thank you!

I can put @agenda under my existing @meeting tag and use it for all agendas/temp tags.

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