How to have some notifications for arriving and some for leaving a location Context

I have a context called home, and I noticed that I can only set notifications to None, Arriving, Leaving. But what if I have some tasks that I want to do when I leave and some that I want to do when I arrive?

The only solution that I can think of is to create 2 contexts at the same location, one for arriving, one for leaving. I might also not want any notification for some tasks, so then I would need to make a third location set to “none”.

Is this the only solution? I was hoping for an Apple Reminders-like setup which is per-task instead of per-context. Let me know what you do / recommend in the comments.


  • Using OF2
  • iPhone 7
  • iOS 11

My current solution/setup:

  • home (no geo-fencing/notifications)
    • home | in (when arriving)
    • home | out (when leaving)

This is exactly what I do as well.


Thank you for the feedback. This seems clunky to me compared to Apple Reminders per-task location notifications, but it will work.

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