How to hide a specific item in project

Hello, I use project for each of my customer, within each customer, I add the day of my visit with a context named Visit.
I would like to hide the dot created by the visits in every project. Is it possible?

thank you for your help

Hi @mbea, I’m not 100% sure I understand what you’re trying to do, but you may be able to accomplish this by setting the status of the Visit context to on-hold (which would make all actions assigned to that context unavailable), then set the view to show only available items.

convert the context on hold make every Visit hidden but the dark dot is still visible in the project

Alternatively, you could defer the actions to the appropriate date so that it becomes an unavailable action.


it doesnt work either. the dark dot remains in the customer project. kinda annoying when I have a lot of visit in the same customer project. it is like if I had a lot of tasks to do. guess I will stop doing this. it was useful since I could track every visits for all my customers…

Doing that only hide visits items within a list. What I want is not hiding the item itself, but hiding the dot in the list. Otherwise, It looks like I have so many items todo