How to hide or remove Projects folders

I have the following setup:

Projects tab:

Education (folder):
  Math (Folder): 
    Assignment #1 (project with specific tasks)
    Assignment #2 (project with specific tasks)

So when I complete all tasks I can mark each project as complete and doing so will hide it. But I still have empty Math folder left in the Projects tab -> Education folder. I tried to delete it, but it warned me that this would delete all completed tasks within this folder as well which I do not want.
So, how can I “cleanly” hide / delete the Math folder while still keeping all completed tasks/projects created under this folder earlier in the OF database.

I would guess under “View Options” it is not set to “All” so completed tasks are no longer visible. The Math folder Tasks are still there but the folder doesn’t show complete. That can be changed by checking “Compete with last action” on the Inspector. You might have to change to a diffferent project/focus and then come back but it should ‘hide’ at that point.
Oddity I saw when testing this out with Remaining and Available:

  • View options set to Remaining or Available
  • I completed both tasks under a folder
  • I switched to a different project and returned
  • completed folder and actions still visible
  • I opened View Options and changed from Remaining to Available or Available to Remaining and completed folder disappears.

Change the status of the ‘Math’ folder to ‘Dropped’ instead of deleting it.

Is Math really a nested folder or a task containing sub-tasks?

I thought about it, but will it change the status of all completed projects to “Dropped” as well?

'Math" indeed is a nested folder inside ‘Education’ folder.

No, ‘Completed’ and ‘Dropped’ are alternative end status for a project or action; one does not override the other when inherited.

Hmm… I don’t think you can change the status of a folder to Dropped. I can’t find any such attributes for folders. I think it needs to be an an Action with sub-Actions. That way as items are completed, the main (parent Action) can also be completed. If you took this to something like a Syllabus, the overall Syllabus could be a Project with each lesson as an Action with zero or more sub-actions.

Important Topic

  • Lesson 1
    – sub Lesson A
    – sub Lesson B
    – sub Lesson C
  • Lesson 2
  • Lesson 3
    – sub Lesson A
    – sub Lesson B

Where the Lessons with child actions have the status “Complete with last action” checked

I’ve had similar experiences when trying to delete a “Goals 2019” folder. I didn’t want to lose the completed goal projects contained within it, so I moved them to my Personal folder and deleted the Goals 2019 folder. One option is to create a project called Completed 2020 Courses (or something similar), move them there, then complete that parent project, which will allow you to delete the folder for current coursework. By moving them to parent projects with names specific to a semester or academic year, you’ll retain the ability to go pull them out of the archive later if needed.

In essence, you’d use a “current courses” folder perpetually, leaning on projects you can complete/archive for the purpose of retaining data for later reference.

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