How to hide/show project notes in perspective

Some time ago I managed to show project notes of some projects in the project perspective. Now I want to hide the notes from a certain project but I don’t know how to do that anymore :)
I have some projects which show notes in the project perspective, and some that don’t (but they do have notes). So I think it is a setting, but I can’t find it. I am probably overlooking something.

Can somebody help me with this (probably) simple question?

You can show/hide the notes of individual items — both actions and the project item — using the small light-grey ‘Note’ button on the item’s row. If you are not seeing this button, check your perspective settings or the defaults in Preferences -> Layout: in the ‘Columns’ view the note button is optional.

The ‘View’ menu has the equivalent ‘Show Note’ command, as well as ‘Show All Notes’ and ‘Hide All Notes’ commands for the entire items in the perspective.

The show/hide state of a note sometimes persists, but not always. I haven’t found a set a reliable rules for when it does, when switching perspectives or opening new windows. If anyone knows what the exact behaviour is, please comment!

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Thank you! Yes, using the Note button, that’s it. I was looking in settings and view options, but I completely overlooked this little button.

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This is what I have found: If I have a perspective marked to be shown in the Perspectives sidebar, the perspective remembers which tasks that have their notes open and shows those notes the next time I visit the perspective, as I expect and prefer. If I don’t have the perspective marked to always stay in the sidebar, instead opening it either from the Perspectives menu or from a perspective button in the toolbar, all tasks have their notes closed when I open the perspective.

Thanks a lot @Jan_H. That is indeed the behaviour I am seeing — within an OF window/tab. When I use multiple windows/tabs (this is always my setup), the show/hide state is not preserved across them. So what is preserved is what you see on screen: a combination of a window/tab and a (left-side bar) perspective tab.

In a twist, when you create a new OF window/tab it reproduces a current window/tab and the state of that one is carried over.

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