How to implement checklists?

I’m scratching my head trying to implement a checklist in OF. Obviously, I can have a project with checklist items as tasks, but here’s the catch - I usually stay in my Today perspective listing flagged items. Now, I would like to have only the checklist (project) name listed there, not 10+ items that totally clutter the view. How would you do it?

I would keep a single “Review Checklist X” task in an admin/maintenance project that repeats daily and uses an URL link to the checklist project. That way I could click from my Today view to go to the checklist. Assign a keyboard shortcut to your Today perspective and you can zip back to it after completing the checklist.

Thanks but I can see two week points about the method. First, the checklist will not reset itself, I’d need to show all tasks and then uncheck one by one. What’s worse however, there’s no way to grab a link on the iPad/iPhone, which are my main OF environments (I use it in a Windows-based company).

Set the checklist (project or action group) to be repeating, perhaps “defer another” 12 hours. When you finish the checklist (by doing or deliberately ignoring each action), mark the project (or action group) complete. It will automatically create a clean copy of the checklist.


Nice tip, the only caveat is that links will be different for new instances so it does not suit TheWart’s suggested workflow. Still a useful workaround though.
You don’t happen to have clickable checkboxes in notes on your roadmap, do you? :)

I didn’t ask about the interface since this wasn’t posted to the iOS subforum. Nonetheless, there are two ways to keep the same link to the project.

If you had Checklist X as a project with each action set with “defer again” dates and set the project to not complete when last action is completed, the link would never change for the project because it would be set indefinitely.

The link also wouldn’t change if you had Checklist X as a project but made Checklist Xx an action group within it that repeats. Therefore, you would never be able to complete the project unless you removed the repeating frequency of the action group or deleted the action group altogether.

So the easiest and cleanest way to get where you want to go is get onto your Mac with OF. If you don’t use a Mac even at home, then you can create an action group anywhere (including the Inbox) that has the checklist actions and defer dates.

Bottom line: your Today perspective could pick up the checklist items wherever they reside as long as the context is not on hold and the defer again dates are set.