How to import an OO5 document into OF3 on Mac


I want to store some Project Templates in OmniOutliner 5 Pro that I will import into OmniFocus 3 when I need them. I have created a simple outline that has the task name, and then added addition columns for Tag, Defer Until and Due Date.

I have tried export from OO in various formats and this importing into OF3, but the Tag, Defer Until and Due Date all end up in the Note section of the task. I’ve also tried just copy and pasting it from OO to OF and the same happens.

Am I missing something simple here?

I think you are fine from the OO end. You might want to look at how well OF is doing its part.

You might want to try TaskPaper format in OO.

Possibly an annoying question, but have you tried copy and paste?

When I try and copy and paste it puts the second, third and fourth columns (which I have used as Tag, Defer Until Date, Due Date) in the ‘notes’ section of the task in OF, rather than in the appropriate field in OF.

Is this possible, am I asking too much?

It’s this part of the process that doesn’t seem to work, maybe a question for the OF group…

The outline’s rows become OmniFocus items, and its columns become fields for those items (you can choose what OmniFocus item field corresponds to each outline column as part of the import process).

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