How to limit tasks on the Apple Calendar to only working hours?

I like the calendar integration (Apple Calendar) with OmniPlan, but I don’t know how to limit task on the calendar to working hours, they cross over to another day over the weekend when i’m off… (see picture) My expectation is that the task only shows up for the available working hours. Not covering my entire calendar… That makes it impossible to add other tasks to the calendar. Is this a bug or expected behavior? Is there a way to prevent this from happening?

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Sadly I don’t think it’s possible with the sync option, only while exporting. Hopefully this will get implemented at some point.

this would not be possible you have to manage own your own to delete and modify events

OK, thanks for all feedback. I’ll file a feature request. It would be great to have a function to push projects to the calendar. And to break it into time slots by the working hours in the project.