How to link from Evernote docs to projects in Omnifocus

I have a yearly plan in a matrix in Evernote, where I have a list of projects/focus areas with the main events marked for each month. I have tried to make links for each of them that take me to the relevant project in OmniFocus for the nitty-gritty stuff (to-dos), but it does not work (I use the Evernote “client”).
Any ideas on how to do this?

OmniFocus links use the prefix “omnifocus:///” which Evernote does not recognize as a valid URL scheme.

Unfortunately Evernote doesn’t recognize OmniFocus’ URL Scheme as a valid link, as well stated by I’ve already asked them on support to solve this. You should also do that.

In the meantime, you could use Hookmark’s Universal Link feature, which works exactly as you wish on Evernote. Note, however, this is a Pro feature on Hookmark. In my experience, it’s well worth the price for all I use it for.

In my case, Hookmark created this Universal Link to open OmniFocus’ omnifocus:///task/ot5cattWxgz link.