How to make a perpetual reminder

I just upgraded from OmniFocus 1Pro to 2, and I can’t find a feature that I used to rely on. (I know it’s late in OF 2 lifecycle; I wasn’t going to upgrade because I don’t like the look & feel, but ios11 and High Sierra had other plans for me.)

I used to keep a list of contacts that I want to remember to write to at various time periods. If I had a start date on Nov 30 for someone and marked that item as completed, I had a repeat option set to start again in X number of days or weeks. It looks like all of those settings have been converted to Defer Another. But this setting isn’t giving me the same results in OF 2. I marked someone as completed this morning, but they’re still in my Availsble perspective. It hasn’t changed the Start date (Defer date).

What setting should I be using to recover my ability to reset the start date when I mark an item as completed?

Defer Another is definitely the setting you want here. I just did a simple test in my Inbox and saw the behavior I think you’re expecting (defer date on original was set to yesterday):

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Thanks for the help. I tried again and found it work d the way I wanted. Where I went wrong was on the iPad, I had the dark mode on, so I couldn’t see that the item had been crossed out. But when I pressed Clean up, I saw the behavior I wanted.

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