How to make archive copy of project

I want to save an archive copy of a project that is NOT linked to cloud server. If I make a duplicate, it is NOT a “snapshot” and updates when the original project changes. This is not the desired behavior. I need to be able look into the evolution of a project at various stages in order learn for future projects.

Is it even possible to do this with Omniplan 3 Pro?

I don’t use the automatic archiving. It does not work as I would wish. Your finding is but one issue I have with it. Otherwise, I am always too confused when completed Projects that I might want to review on routine cycles are mysteriously “gone missing”.

I manually archive Projects. The problem is, this creates a mess in the Archive file itself. For one, it duplicates multiple Folder hierarchies. For another, it is a royal pain to do. I’ve asked in feature requests spanning back … ages and ages … or at least spanning back over 5 years … that OF would fix the problems with manual archiving and build a robust manual method to archive/restore on a Project by Project basis. Take what you might from this information.